Tradesman of the Month

Jim Beardsmore & Wayne Tolmie

In the month of March Jim and Wayne split the votes are were voted by their colleagues to have gone above and beyond in his role and duties, for this they were voted as Blyth Groups Tradesman of the month.

Jim and Wayne are both regularly featured in positive feedback from our customers and clients for their solid work ethic and great results. Here are some of the comments:

“Jim Beardshaw , due to constant good work”

“I would like to vote for Jim Beardshaw for trades man Again this month has done great work at whg and for care and repair Worcester”

“Jim Beardsmore – consistently turning out excellent work and getting much customer praise for his standard of works and how he treats them”

“TOM- Wayne Tolmie – another fantastic month from this guy, PH always telling us how fabulous he is and a credit to Blyth”

“Wayne Tomley. Trade. Wayne has helped out on every job I’ve asked him, no fuss. I can trust him with any ph no matter the situation.”

“Wayne Tolmie – DLG team as a whole really consider he deserves this recognition, he works hard, turns out really good work every single time consistently, never had a complaint about him in any way”

I would like to say a huge well done to Both the above on this achievement and please keep it up.